Carnage Greataxe

weapon (melee)

Carnage Greataxe
Military two-handed melee weapon. No amount of time spent cleaning and maintaining this weapon removes the old, ingrained bloodstains. They are evidence of its power and purpose.
Cost: 680 gp
Damage: 1d12
Proficient: 2
Weight: 12 lb.
Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls
High Crit (A high crit weapon deals more damage when you score a critical hit with it. A critical hit deals maximum weapon damage and an extra 1[W] at 1st–10th levels, an extra 2[W] at 11th–20th levels, and an extra 3[W] at 21st–30th levels. This extra damage is in addition to any critical damage the weapon supplies if it is a magic weapon.).
Critical: 1d12 damage
Bloodstained: When you roll the maximum result on at least one of this weapon’s damage dice, the target takes extra damage equal to twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus (+2).
Total Critical Damage
Level 1-10: 15 plus 2d12
Level 11-20: 15 plus 3d12
Level 21-30: 15 plus 4d12


Found on the body of an Eladrin skeleton, deep in the bowels of Gloorpk’s cave. His story is unknown.

Carnage Greataxe

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