Orcus Rising

The Fall of Gloorpk
In Which the Bullywug's Chieftian is Defeated

With the help of Wisdom-Body’s stealthy scouting, the party was able to get the drop on Gloorpk and his band of Bullywug Croakers. Arsonis, Wisdom-Body, Cresseida and Worf were surrounded by the toads and their acidic slime pets, but worked together to claim Gloorpk’s head as a prize.

Along with a pouch containing 170 gold and a sapphire, Gloorpk’s haul included the remains of another adventurer, wearing a set of Frozen Plate and weilding the Carnage Greataxe. It is yet unknown how he met his fate.

Gloorpk’s head in tow, the adventurers returned to Tor’s Hold to a heroes welcome, congratulated by Old Tor himself and given the promise of a fighting force of trained halfling warriors when the time comes to drive the Iron Circle out of the Harkenwold.


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